Trey Songz Accuser



So more info has come out about the Trey Songz money throwing incident…I heard he threw money at a skripper…well the alleged victim (Donna McIntosh-Inoe) came forward and said she was just a regular fan who went to the club with her hubby to see Trey…but when she snapped a photo of Trey…he supposedly got in his feelings…and threw a wad of cash so hard at her that it blacked her eye…which she didn’t even realize until she left the club

According to Donna…“He chucked a wad of cash at me. I didn’t even know I had a bruise on my face until after I left the club. I had to walk around a whole week with a black eye.”

She says she took a photo of Trey…but then he grabbed her phone and tried to delete the picture…“Everyone else was taking a picture. The difference for me and the other girls is that they were naked and I had clothes on. He tried to delete the picture, but he didn’t know how to use my phone.

“It was insulting that he just threw something,” she said. “He was verbally disrespectful as well. . . . He embarrassed me in front of everyone in the club.”

So I’m still a little unclear as to why the incident occurred in August…but is just now being addressed…I’m sure there’s a little more to this one…I’ll keep my ears open 🙂


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