New Barbershop Movie…New Lawsuit

Barbershop: The Next Cut” hits theaters April 15th!!!! But there’s a guy wanted to get paid for the movie!!!


Now the good people at Warner Bros and MGM…claim that the lawsuit “falsely attempts to discredits the gifted writers, producers, and directors” that have worked on the previous films…and they have EVERY intention of counter suing for filing an “exploitative suit.” update_grey_gray_bar So here’s the skinny…playwright JD Lawrence is claiming the new movie totally steals the idea from his play “Scissors“… which he took on the road from 1998 to 2001.

According to JD…his play takes place in a barbershop in a black neighborhood, and focused on the shop’s importance to the community…now yes, it is similar to this movie…not sure I’d say it’s a completely original plot…IJS!!!

Antywho….he hit Warner Bros and Showtime with a $20M lawsuit…and is hoping a judge will prevent the movie from being released on Friday!


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