Mel B Gets A Restraining Order!!

Apparently all the skeletons come out the closet when you file for divorce!!!

Mel B claims her soon to be ex-hubby Stephen Belafonte was abusive to her! According to Mel Bhe forced her to have 3-somes…and even got the nanny pregnant…and thought they should all live under the same roof like sister wives!!!

The TMZ cameras caught up with Stephen…and he claimed to not be aware of the “accusations”…then went on to say…”that’s the mother of my children…it’s accusation after accusation. But we’ll have our day in court.”

Meanwhile…Mel B has been very open about her decade of abuse:

“I have lived the past decade in fear that Respondent would release intimate videos of me that would embarrass me and damage my reputation and career’.

Put the final breaking point was in February, when Mel B’s dad was dying:

“I believe Respondent took my passport so as to intentionally delay my travel such that I would not see my father prior to his death.”

She states that the abuse began just 5 months after they got married…that he choked her so hard during her time at Dancing With The Stars….that “I had red marks around my neck that needed to be covered up by a makeup artist’’

Then a few years later in July 2012…Stephen allegedly accused her of having an affair with Usher when he saw a segment of them together for Australian TV’s “X Factor. She claims he punched her in the face and split her lip:

“I asked Respondent how I was supposed to work with a swollen lip, and he told me I should have thought of that before I decided I wanted to ‘flirt with and f–k’ Usher’’.

She was constantly making excuses for her new “injuries”. She feels like everytime something great happened in her career…he would beat her to let her know that he was in charge.

One time he pushed her face into the carpet, and caused a rug burn on the side of her face…she says he: “forced me to ‘tweet’ out that I injured myself by running on 7 inch Christian Louboutin heels.’’

In addition to the physical abuse, she claims he was verbally and mentally abusive as well.

When he got the nanny pregnant…he actually expected her to keep it…but Mel B wasn’t having it!!! So with Mel B’s money…Stephan paid for an abortion! And if that weren’t bad enough…to keep things hush, hush…he’s given the “nanny” $300k…which you know is Mel B’s money!!

A judge granted her and the kids a restraining order against him. And she put her LA home on the market with a price reduction…probably because she wants to quickly unload it!

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