Fetty Wap Giving Back!!!

Finally I get to talk about Fetty Wap doing something decent instead of impregnating women/having women fight for his attention.


Antywho…so Lala and Carmelo Anthony have been working with 10-year-old Anthony Skipper. He’s been living with a Hypoxic Anoxic brain injury…after having a seizure while bathing…blessedly…his brother Willie found him…and his mom gave him CPR till the medical personnel could get him to the hospital. Amazingly he was without oxygen for at least 15 minutes…before they got a pulse!!! This little boy is such a blessing…it has to be difficult for mom…who is also raising 3 other kids. The family set up a Go Fund ME page to help since mom obviously can’t work.

But once Lala and Carmelo caught wind of Anthony…they’ve been an absolute blessing to the entire family. They’ve even tried to fly in specialists to help his condition. The recently sent a care package with Melo’s new sneakers for all the kids.

My prayers are with the Skipper family


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